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2019year min 0 IMDB
A period war drama, Kesari tells the story of Havildar Ishar Singh who participates in the Battle of Saragarhi in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897 wh...
Aloko Udapadi
2017year min 9.6 IMDB
Aloko Udapadi (Light Arose) is an Epic Film of the unswerving human effort, to record for all time, a unique spiritual heritage. In 89 BC, King Walagamba of Sinhala kingdom (presen...
2019year 98min 6.3 IMDB
A young woman befriends a lonely widow who's harboring a dark and deadly agenda towards her.
They Shall Not Grow Old
2019year min 8.6 IMDB
A documentary about World War I with never-before-seen footage to commemorate the centennial of the end of the war.
Ashes in the Snow
2018year 98min 7.2 IMDB
In 1941, a 16 year-old aspiring artist and her family are deported to Siberia amidst Stalin's brutal dismantling of the Baltic region. One girl's passion for art and her never-endi...
Shadow |  Ying
2018year 116min 7.1 IMDB
Set during China's Three Kingdom's era (AD 220-280). The story of a great king and his people, who will be expelled from their homeland and will aspire to claim it. The king, viole...
2019year 154min 6.6 IMDB
An epic portrayal of the events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter's Field in Manchester turned into one of the blood...