Recent Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy
2014year 121min 8.1 IMDB
This show was a awfully fun superhero film. It didn't offer US with terribly serious plot line, this story includes a philosophically intriguing and creative theme. If an individua...
Sicario 2: Soldado (Sicario: Day of the Soldado)
2018year 122min 7.4 IMDB
With very little reference to building suspense, the sequel to 2015’s Oscar-nominated dark, warfare masterpiece; "Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado" forcefully shoves its viewers int...
Avengers: Infinity War
2018year 149min 8.7 IMDB
We are all, in our own approach, chasing dragons. massive or little, permanent or momentaneous, it's with these recollections of the past that we glance at this, and also the futur...