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Few months past, Puri Jagannadh declared that he was about to launch his son Akash during a new film titled 'Mehbooba'. This Summer, they're tantalizing you to return witness a medium masterpiece that narrates the struggles and magic of affection that extends on the far side borders. it's sort of a romantic film set within the backcloth of Asian country - West Pakistan border. concerning one minute long teaser appearance quiet promising and appears like the film has high voltage action sequences. The visuals area unit wealthy, the aerial shots, the combat area trappings and therefore the backcloth leave very little concerning the Mehbooba's bold scale. The landscapes shot in himachal pradesh appearance gorgeous, that is being shown as Kashmir within the film. Telugu star Balakrishna was the one to recommend the auspicious time for the film to require off. The story looks to be between a young army man and a neighborhood Kahsmiri lady contend by Neha Shetty. Akash Puri has been helping his father on his films of late and can be re-launched by his father as a hero. The laborious touch film maker Puri is standard for powerful dialogues, powerfulness heroes and exciting Beach songs. however now he has reinvented his own kind of filmmaking. Puri's visuals for this era romance won thumbs up from critics and picture manufacturers alike. appears like Puri is set for an incredible war romance for the delight of his fans!


11th May 2018

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