Karl Urban Sofía Vergara Andy Garcia


Bent may be a fairly typical inexpensive direct to video noir police story with a couple of satisfying plot twists, adequate production values and an honest performance by Andy Garcia in an exceedingly supporting role. The script is weak and required a few of rewrites before it'd are prepared for production. The gap scene isn't sufficiently well crafted to justify or make a case for the implications. Gallagher may be a vice cop that in a failing operation get entangled in an exceedingly shooting, his partner associated an underground cop gets killed and he lands up in jail suspect of corruption. Man suspect of one thing he did not do goes bent on prove otherwise and uncover a thinly-veiled conspiracy. once discharged he appearance for revenge on his partner death however additionally to wash up his name. Following the sole lead he has this night, he gets concerned in complicated government conspiracy which may not be what's appears and a number of other tries against his life. there's virtually such a lot occurring during this world that will bring associate diverting tale, that nobody even should return up with something on their own. the most important downside is that the script, that is underwritten and depends too heavily on exposition. In brief, compared to several larger productions and directors; this motion picture is ready to be attention-grabbing enough to forgive most of its failures.


09th Mar 2018

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