Mile 22


Mark Wahlberg Lauren Cohan Iko Uwais


James Silva (Mark Wahl berg) is a CIA operative and leads a small but lethal group of heavily trained paramilitary individuals, an expert in urgent and dangerous missions. The movie revolves around a plot when the elite group undertakes the task of transporting a intelligence asset from American Embassy of a Asian country to an airfield, 22 miles away. The asset is supposed to be extracted from there. The movie is directed well, and the sequence of the scenes in the movie is good. The movie, will give you good time to see and enjoy. The movie is an action thriller and this is about a case of American espionage, people love the movie. It is based on the elite CIA force and how the acts of espionage are carried out. This also shows the operation of high security done by special division force and hunting the terrorists and getting hunted by them. It is a very serious mission that is shown in the movie. The action is worth praise and is dealt with very well. The movie is made for action film lovers. The performances of the actors are very good and it makes you feel very nice. The movie made big money all over the world. The character got lots of praises. The cinematography is very well done and the action sequence of the movie. The movie is shot well and is an attractive see for most people. The movie has some brilliant performance and is worth watching. The group finds tough resistance by the government mechanism as well as local goons to reclaim the asset. The action heist of the group, running against all odds on the foreign soil to successfully complete the assigned task is a delight to watch. Gun battles, meticulously executed car races and the vicious cycle of spies and double agents is a delight for fans addicted to the brutality of war and spy movies. Apart from Wahl berg, Uwais and his cool demeanor throughout the movie is a delight to watch. A sequence where he is fighting half naked while he is handcuffed is surely going to create a long lasting impression on viewers mind. Apart from the strong action sequence and, the plot of the movie is very predictable. A one time watch for sure of you are an action fanatic, then this is one not to miss.


18th Oct 2018

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