Mohan Babu Vishnu Manchu Shriya Saran Nikhila Vimal Anasuya Bharadwaj



Gayatri could be a story of fine and evil. once somebody WHO sensible naturally involves in dangerous deed to create some good within the values he believed, his life are going to be upset with the unpredictable repercussions. Director Madan has done terrible work with this picture show and a minimum of he might have gotten a higher book from his writers. As a father in search of his lost girl, actor Mohan man has caught imagination of fans. He runs associate orphanage and conjointly steps into the jail to remain for few days within the place of condemned wealthy criminals. As he's a stage actor WHO will simply slip into the arise of somebody, he takes up this work for a few fast megabucks. Film is formed for family audience with right emotions and sentiments. The story has meat associate actor turning into the character of powerful and wealthy condemned criminals for cash. The film gets a small indefinite amount additional fascinating once a backstory involving Hindu deity Manchu and Shriya thermoplastic is unconcealed. The versatile actor has nothing to prove, however it's fascinating to visualize him play the villain when a few years. The film conjointly feels dated; you're feeling you're looking at associate recent film, not one created nowadays. the manufacturers tried to inform too several things within the half of the film and it resulted in everything being wrapped hastily. The transformation part for Telugu cinema had already begun and a few administrators don't seem to be updated with this trend and also the result's movies like Gayatri. To sum up, Gayatri is for Manchu fans.


09th Feb 2018

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