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And the most anticipated Indian movie of all time has finally released its teaser trailer. After months of waiting, 2.0 will be showing in cinemas this November 29, 2018. The movie is packed with a lot of the biggest superstars and is directed by no other than S. Shankar. You can see this movie with the English subtitles. No matter where on the planet you live you will be able to understand this movie, this is one of the best movies which is going to hit the big screen and is going to be full of fun. There is nothing more. This is great movie made well with good direction and very good actors who are know o give very good performances. You will surely enjoy every bit of it. This is expected to be a very well made movie looking at the platoon and experience it has. There is lots of talent in people on the ship The movie, like any other films, has received numerous positive and negative reviews. However, most of these critique are positive and promising. In fact, because of its immensity, people all over the world are hyped to watch this film. This is one of the best movies which are going to come out and not to forget English subtitles, which are very good for people who do not understand the local language and still they can enjoy the movie. Expect to see a lot of cool CGIs, robots, and big stars like Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar. With a whopping budget of 543crores, you are surely going to see something different – one that is much more impressive, complex, and exciting than any other films introduced in India. Make sure you see the movie with English subtitles. Hopefully, the team can pull off the public demand as the movie has a lot of expectations. However, with just the teaser alone, it’s safe to say that the movie is stunning. If you are one who loves to watch sci-fi films with drama on it, 2.0 is definitely a grand movie to watch out for this November. Visual effects were heavily used to fit the character, a decision he appreciates as he would have had a problem playing the role. It definitely is a must watch film, you better save the date; it is in November, so get ready for it and enjoy your time!


29th Nov 2018

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