Tik Tik Tik


Jayam Ravi Nivetha Pethuraj Aaron Aziz Aarav Ravi Jaya Prakash Vincent Asokan Ramesh Thilak Arjunan


The director & actor pair of Shakti Soundar Rajan and Jayam Ravi WHO impresses last year with their horror action zombie adventure story Miruthan ar back once more and upping the stakes with India's 1st area journey film of the trendy era. Tik Tik Tik pairs the team yet again in what sounds like a high idea area adventure story that additionally has the potential to be very fun. it's story of associate degree close asteroid strike set to wipe out an oversized section of south India. For the primary time in Indian cinema, a team has tried to create an area film. the manufacturers have given US a sneak peek into what the story would be. it's to be concerning associated with asteroid that's getting ready to hit the South Indian region of the planet, and the way the area division of the Department of Defence in India goes to do and stop this. The shots from location ar fantastic, and also the story looks like it'll have lots of riveting sequences if the script works right. Visual effects for films like these ought to be up to the mark, and that they ought to look convincing enough to have interaction the audience throughout the film. Through this rather fascinating premise, we have a tendency to see glimpses of sleek action sequences within the trailer, however solely this point they're set in area and not earth. The trailer, that shows the protagonist associate with his team because the saviors of the state from an location threat, additionally has some outstanding visuals of area. The crisp written material is bound to create the viewers stay awake in their seats. The VFX works within the trailer ar on par with international standards and additionally the theme also has robust emotional connect for the Indian audiences. If you've got been longing for this type of motion-picture show since long, the time is here to travel.


23rd Feb 2018

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