Dwayne Johnson Naomie Harris Malin Åkerman Joe Manganiello Jake Lacy Marley Shelton Jeffrey Dean Morgan


The original Rampage game gave players management of 3 big beasts: an ape, a lizard-like creature and a wolf-like creature. The goal was to pull down a series of buildings in every level whereas fighting off attacks from civilians, police and military. It stars D. Johnson, Jeffrey and Naomie H. The hook here is that Johnson's character additional or less raised martyr the great ape, so curious as he was, the primate touched a MacGuffin that altered his genes and created him grow. Then, crap gets real and Chicago is left in ruins. If you may bear in mind, Chicago is that the home of Rampage developer Midway, therefore a minimum of that is fitting. For what it's value, the trailer is not terrible other than the awful remix of Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet With Butterfly Wings." The Pumpkins additionally decision Chicago home. The motion-picture show feels like it's taking itself slightly too seriously, however this could've been a full ton worse. Johnson contains a long history with video games. He helped Microsoft unveil the initial Xbox at CES in 2001, as an example, and has since asterisked during a motion-picture show adaptation of Doom. this does not look he'll have to be compelled to stretch his acting chops, however a minimum of it is not too offensive. that is extremely the most effective we are able to hope for at this time.


13th Apr 2018

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