Not Cinderella's Type


Paris Warner Timothy Flynn Tanner Gillman Scott Christopher



This defy the classic Cinderella story is a noteworthy perspective showing what we tend to believe may be a additional correct story on however Cinderella's life very would be like. you will love this nice retelling of the classic tale. a decent clean story, with a robust message. in a very world packed with trashy, this motion-picture show is elegant. The plot of the film revolves around Indy Zimmerman's life. Her life is way from good, with a step female parent WHO looks to form it her goal in life to form her life ugly. A step sister WHO wish nothing to try to to together with her, and a boy WHO ruined her life suddenly eager to be a district of it. Indy's life is already over tough. Started from highschool to relationships and tragity within the combine that makes things over worse. once the foremost well-liked boy in school, Bryant Bailey, kills her cat, she needs nothing to to with him, however he looks attack being a district of her life. however in spite of everything tries of obtaining obviate him fail, she decides to present him an opportunity. He may not be her sort however Indy quickly learns 1st impressions may be wrong. What happens next you may conclude when observance this fantastic motion-picture show directed by Brian Brough and written by award winning and best selling author Jenni James. If you like those movies that are somehow completely different from most different movies, than this undoubtedly is one in all them. With powerful themes and a heart felt story line this can be contumaciously a requirement see motion-picture show.


20th Feb 2018

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