Oru Nalla Naal Paarthu Solren


Vijay Sethupathi Gautham Karthik Niharika Konidela Gayathrie RJ Ramesh Raj Danny



Oru Nalla Naal Paarthu Solren could be a way-out comedy drama that’s to a small degree hit and miss. once it’s right, the film is pretty funny, however additional usually than not, the things and also the dialogue aren’t amusing the least bit. however things work solely to AN extent, as not several may perceive the comedy. Also, when setting a promising premise, the script weakens because the film progresses. A community of non-violent thieves that lives within the middle of a forest in state, a lady WHO gets kidnapped while not abundant fuss, a boy WHO takes on the role that's usually given to the heroine in a very business moving-picture show and actors with tight comic temporal order. It’s alleged to be a playful comedy with its eccentric material loaning itself to odd things, however the writing simply doesn’t manage to form humour. we tend to get some completely strange humour, and that’s swing it gently. As for the plot, it’s what we've seen on Tamil screens for many years. however it's conjointly the type of film that's terribly tough to translate from script to screen. although you have got actors WHO will capture the spirit of the film, you wish filmmaking aptitude that produces the comedy awake on screen. Overall it works in patches as a straight up comedy flick that is guaranteed to tickle your crazy bone. Don’t expect an excessive amount of from this film and you'll be assured of a screaming outcome that won’t baffle you to an outsized extent.


02nd Feb 2018

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