Kammara Sambavam


Dileep Siddharth Murali Gopy Bobby Simha Namitha Pramod



Kammara Sambhavam, a plan which will be loathed by several, a effort which will be praised by few. this is often however experiments ought to be brought on. a major example of the way to deviate from the same old, typical means of presenting a plot thus made and packed with opportunities, within the most genre-breaking means ever. it absolutely was touted as Kammaran, a revolutionist WHO worked with Indian Liberation Party (ILP) and largely as a Epic historical picture show. a bunch of liquor dons, bored to death with the liquor policies of adjusting governments, decides to back the comparatively little party IPL. As IPL has no heroes of its own, they conceive to produce one by creating a movie on Kammaran. think about the film as a uneven combine between a rigorous tale of betrayal and a extremely smart satirically comedy ride. the primary 1/2 is that the epitome of example filmmaking that takes a rather slow section and drags partly. however the director with success manages to stay the viewer hooked with the last half that's enough to take care of the perspective the film has massed from the primary. the event that follows later on type the crux of this spectacular picture show that is marked by some beautiful performances and glorious technical notch. With moments that check you to moments that adjust to events of real world, the film simply could not hit the spot they thus badly needed. Also, Look out for the beautiful performance by Dileep WHO finely carries the picture show on his shoulders throughout. this is often however a vision, a risk ought to be brought on screen.


14th Apr 2018

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