Naga Shaurya Rashmika Mandanna Naresh Vennela Kishore Satya Posani Krishna Murali



Chalo moving-picture show revolves around a village known as Tirruppuram that is roofed by 1/2 Tamil and Telugu individuals. Chalo is touted to be a definite story with a completely unique climax. The story’s span is extremely less, however the core purpose of the moving-picture show is spectacular. The means the director dead the story is exceptional. The film is touted to be a motivating industrial field drama as well as all parts to impress all category of audiences. there's a huge inflow of comedians from numerous sides for Telugu cinema and it's an honest factor as a result of most are distinctive in their own means. And coming back to the lead combine, the moving-picture show wholly depends on their ability to illumine the screens after they area unit thereon. All the time either of them area unit on the screen you're lost within the great thing about them well supported by the writing behind every scene. although this can be the banner's initial film, they created positive that the assembly values area unit high and also the film appearance smart on screen. The script is excellent within the half and pretty average within the last half. Chalo balances the combo between the raw-rural instincts and field conflicts effectively and is replete with sturdy performances. The climax falls short on impact however lively music, tongue-in-cheek humour and unforgettable performances build this a worthy popcorn individual. Overall an exquisite, screaming laugh riot with few speed bumps in last half however numerous a lot of smart reasons to look at this one.


02nd Feb 2018

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