Mohanlal Vishal Manju Warrier Raashi Khanna Hansika Motwani Srikanth



Villain may be a throwback to the 90's crime inquiring thrillers wave within the Mollywood trade, save for it should fails therein. A killer WHO teases the whole department of local government along with his unflawed crimes, gets hunted person by a retired fashionable cop whose past influence the killer's future with the cat and mouse game obtaining out of hand. The genre-thrills area unit much absent within the latter 1/2 and certainty begins to play persona non grata. On the opposite finish, a trio of murders have taken place within the town of Trivandrum and also the police-force find to him for his experience in cracking the case. The story primarily alternates between his past and gift. Villain had a robust base to make, it had been interesting, thrilling however lacked the essential substance to travel forward. He has suffered a private tragedy attributable to that he has been off from duty for nearly seven months, and once he eventually returns to figure, he surprises everybody by choosing voluntary retirement and decides to travel on a journey of healing. This picture show is a lot of centered on emotional & family area unit than a inquiring or action mode picture show. A pale and shallow theme with poor piece of writing and visual effects considering the budget. Overall, with many out of the box scenes, Villain is AN okay watch whereas the sole odd man standing out would be and is just Mohanlal. simply his name ensures that any picture show with him as lead however with average story still features a smart likelihood to become successful.


27th Oct 2017

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