Meyaadha Maan


Vaibhav Priya Bhavani Shankar Vivek Prasanna



A youngster WHO loves a woman tries to kill and to counsel him, his friend reaches bent the woman, setting in motion events that unexpectedly prove to be life dynamic . do not be shocked if this short becomes a motion picture within the close to future. Murali or as his friends decision him, Idhayam Murali, WHO has been gaga with Madhu, his faculty mate, for 3 years. On the day of her engagement, he calls his friend Vinoth and announces that he's aiming to kill. To counsel him, Vinoth and their friend Kishore reach bent Madhu and request her facilitate. the following telephony sets in motion events that prove to be life dynamic . Ironically, for a movie that originated as a brief film, Meyaadha Maan is overlong. several scenes press on so much longer than they ought to and create U.S. want that they had been tightly written and emended. and also the film goes on for twenty or a lot of minutes even when it finds a resolution for the 2 romances, by introducing a conflict that looks to possess been meant principally to circle back to the gap scene of the film. However, since he has conjointly gotten U.S. invested with in these attention-grabbing characters, we tend to overlook this flaw and take it as a reason to be with these characters for a few longer.


17th Oct 2017

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