Mahanati (Nadigaiyar Thilagam)


Keerthy Suresh Dulquer Salmaan Samantha Akkineni Vijay Devarakonda



Nag Ashwin’s latest film Mahanati, a biopic on Savitri's life is arranged down with legitimacy and sets bent on realize the reality regarding the legendary actress’ life. Savitri was undeniably one among the best actresses ever in Indian cinema, however there's such a lot a lot of to her. It doesn't quite dig deep into the dramatic moments that ar aplenty in Savitri’s life however offers US a momentary look of her rise and collapse the course of 4 decades. Any biopic to figure desires smart quantity of analysis, protrusive to true history, highlight the drama within the lifetime of the person power-assisted smart production values. it had been ne'er straightforward for girls to return out and arise for his or her decisions in 1950's. it's still an enormous downside however throughout those days it had been unthinkably troublesome. throughout such time, Savitri, someone WHO forever needed the cosmos to deliver her love, she merited, found a career that she was ne'er fully inquisitive about, beginning with, on the other hand} a promise of affection drove her to the heights and same love de-railed her to the lows such a lot that she couldn’t pass though it again. half of this film is extremely smart. In last half, owing to pathos within the legendary actor’s life, the narration slows down however emotions compute. Throughout the motion picture show the director keeps you connected with the proceedings. To narrate Savitri Garu's story, intertwining it with the journey of a young lady journalist making an attempt to rise higher than her limitations, may be a accomplishment. several people understand her world define – she earned fame and ton of cash, was a generous donor, however died in miserable conditions owing to monetary management and private problems. With immense starcast, stellar performances and honest team work 'Mahanati' may be a should watch and a real tribute to nice role player Savitri Garu.


08th May 2018

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